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I think all of us except some newbies in Androidland knows about the Eastereggpicture like the ZombieArt hiddenpicture in Samsung Galaxy Y with Gingerbread.It feels like i see every week on XDA and German Forums the request where the picture can be find,how to change the pic and text.Ok,so i have no lust to become hands like Uncle Fester from the Munsters by typing answers to help or troll this Users(just a joke),i make this guide.
The first step is very easy and can be used with every Desktop Computer on all OS i think,no need for knowledge about Linux or Android compiling etc.But its only to change the Picture,to change the text called "Zombie art by Jack Larson" to any text you want,in example:Jack Larson is a Homo,you need a lil bit more knowledge and tool!So lets start!!!!!

To change the Picture:

Simple guide for change Platlogo with Windows(only the Picture not the Text).
I think it worx on all Windows+Linux

What needet:
framework res.apk
A picture you want as new Easteregg.

At first rename your new Picture to platlogo.jpg and set resolution 720x480 or 480x720 pixels for best looking.I have do it with the ordinary Paint in Windows 8.

Now open,not extract the framework-res.apk what you have xtracted from your Rom or from anywhere with 7zip and go to "res-drawable" there is the folder called "no dpi",just open it and simply move your new platlogo.jpg by copy+paste in this folder and overwrite the original,close 7zip,the Windows Job is move the apk with rootexplorer(or any other Filemanager with Rootpermission)to system/framework and overwrite the previous,set permissions to rw-r-r- and reboot,thats all!!!!Dont worry about the forcecloses,they will come for sure,when the reboots itselfs its not a bad thing you can set permissions after reboot,when needet.
Better is to make it with AromaFileManager in recovery,put Aroma-FM to root on your SD,boot in CWM,mount system/data etc,install zip from SD,choose AROMA-FM.In Aroma do the same steps like with Rootex,its similar.

To change the Text:

What needed:

Apktool or Apk multitool
A brain(i know at some times its hard to use,but without it didnt work)

1) Take framework.jar.(you can use the framework.jar exist on your Devicesystem)

    you will find it in system/framework

2) Change the format from jar to framework.apk

3) Decompile framework.apk

4) Use notepad++ to open the "PlatLogoActivity.smali" in:


5) Find the text "Zombie art by Jack Larson"

6) Change the text to which you want.For example:


7) Recompile

8) Delete classes.dex

9) The result will be System_framework.apk.Change it back to framework.jar

Now the PC Job is done,just move it back to your Phone,we all know how to do it and i know

YOU can do it!!!

Thats all,enjoy your unique Hiddenpic!!!!!

I have attached the real Platlogo and some Custom ones foundet in Roms+maked by me!!!!


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